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Everything To Know In Rainbow Riches Bingo

What is Rainbow Riches Bingo 

We all are familiar with Rainbow Riches as a popular platform for casino games, particularly slot games. However, Rainbow Riches does not only offer slot games but also bingo games with unusual gimmicks when it comes to winning prizes through their bonuses. 

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How to Play Rainbow Riches Bingo

There is only one way to Play Rainbow Riches Bingo but multiple ways to win. What you need to do first is to buy a ticket to play. Buying tickets not only allows you to win prizes but also gives you more prizes and higher chances of winning especially when you buy five tickets which gives you gold coin. The game’s interface consists of groups of four-leaf clovers. Each group in the game has 4 numbers that need to be matched to win. Additionally, unlike the typical slot games of Rainbow Riches game installments, this time you are playing with other players. This not only gives you the enjoyment of winning prizes but also the fun of competitively playing with other players. 

As long as you are familiar with the basic concept and mechanics of a bingo game, you are in good hands with your time playing this game. But it’s not just a simple bingo game. There are bonuses and jackpots that you can get that boost your chances and prizes. You can know more about them in the bonuses part of the blog. 

Everything You Need to Know About Bonuses

In a standard Bingo game, all you have to do to win is simply match the numbers and make a line out of numbers that match the numbers being announced from the game. Though that’s the case for this game, there are also bonuses and gimmicks you can encounter from the game. 

And always remember, you are not always alone in this game. You are not alone in winning prizes here which means the prize may be distributed according to the prizes won by each player. 

Rainbow Jackpot

The Rainbow Jackpot Bonus is a feature that typically appears at the end of the game. A leprechaun will appear that can be seen moving along the rainbow. The rainbow determines your prize in this bonus. 

In this jackpot, the number of rainbow clovers will determine your winnings from the said jackpot bonus. In the said jackpot, there are up to a maximum of 50 steps that you must keep an eye on because that is the largest prize you can possibly win. Along the way, there are bonuses that you can win if you take 10, 25, or 50  steps in the rainbow during the Rainbow Jackpot. 

Whenever the leprechaun made 10,25, or 50 steps in this jackpot, there are three corresponding prizes that you can win. These number of steps has a corresponding prize which is bronze, gold, and silver.  Winning bronze for 10 steps gives you  £25 when distributed with other plyers or passed over and  £50 if direct; Winning silver for 25 steps gives you  £75 when distributed and  £150 if direct; And lastly, winning gold for 50 steps gives you  £150 when distributed with other players and  £300 for the direct win.

Wishing Well Collection

The wishing well collection is a bonus where you are awarded a prize for collecting gold coins. When you are buying a ticket at the start of the game, you will choose a lucky number. Whenever your chosen lucky number is announced in the game, a gold coin is rewarded to you. Earning 40 gold coins gives you a  £5 prize. It’s not that much but it becomes a huge sum the more you play the game.  

Cheats and  Tips

A simple way of utilizing the game’s bonuses is to always buy at least five tickets. When you buy five tickets to Rainbow Riches Bingo, you will be given a gold coin. Accumulating enough gold coins will help you win particular rewards, especially in the Wishing Well Collection bonus in the game. 


Is there skill involved in winning Bingo games?

As the famous saying “Luck favors those who are prepared”, there is no real skill involved since this is entirely luck-based. But winning prizes is dependent on your familiarity and awareness of when to continue and to stop. 

Are my numbers marked off automatically in Rainbow Riches Bingo?

We cannot blame you for missing out on some numbers because players may be occupied with other things during the game. But fortunately, Rainbow Riches Bingo, or online bingo games in general are mostly automated when it comes to marking off numbers. So what this means is that you don’t have to worry about marking off numbers as the game automatically does it for you.